Mini music studio set up for music jobs online

Mini music studio set up for music jobs online

Hey yo! It’s your boy SSB Otaru, I welcome you again to another day of an informative post, and mini music studio set up for music jobs online is a follow-up post for $500 music job from home. if you have not read that post yet?  Check the post here first before you continue with this. in this post, I am going to explain to you a mini music studio set up, what exactly you will need to be able to start a music business straight from home.


haven’t said that,  let’s drop into my Mini studio and I will show you exactly what you will be needing to be able to shoot it on target from home I’ll also be leaving in this post  a link to all the products I have used, it will be an affiliate link, if you follow the link to buy of course I’m going to get a little Commission I’m not paid to promote any of those product I’m going to show you in this post, so the link herein is just an affiliate link, if you fully intend to buy I will get a little tip!




let’s hop straight to my mini studio. now that you are in my mini music studio set up, I want to officially welcome you to where I do all the magic right behind me you can see how I have set up a mini studio, it’s not something very big but  it’s something very effective; so let me let you in to what are  involved here and how I made the connections, it’s simple and easy, this way you’ll be able to run your connection when you get yours, it’s relatively cheap and affordable, you can also start with a PC, if you don’t have a sound card? is also good, all just need in that case is a good software that can remove the noise that may go in with your vocals and then deliver to your client.



So let me introduce you to each and every one of this equipment’s there in the picture, their names and where you can get, so let’s jump in;


music jobs online

1. Get a laptop

so as you can see in the image above, this is the PC I use, HP ENVY, the laptop is a product of Hewlett Packard HP,  it has a screen calibration feature with NVidia GeForce to power the Intel Core i7 VGA  board, the computer is connecting to all other equipment in this mini music studio set up, so if you already have a computer or a laptop you can use that.



2. Get a Sound Card

With your new or existing computer? so all you need to do is to get a sound card, so the sound card in this case, I am using here is Focusrite solo studio pack, the soundcard comes with a headphone as you can see in the image above, the headphone it came with, it also came with a microphone making it easier to start once connected to your computer, everything you see on mini music studio above so this sound card is connected to the Focusrite sound card, the two monitoring speakers, the microphone and the headphone.



music jobs online

3. Get a Studio monitoring speakers

Here in the image is the monitoring speakers, I use m-audio, you can use whatever product you have you can use this if you like, M-audio monitoring speakers came with two powered speakers separately so you can use one and you can use two to monitor the sound production or your vocals if you wish to.



4. Get a Pro Music software best for music jobs online

Another additional tool you might need is called FL Studio, Fruity Loops Studio (FL) is a computer-based music creating and beat arranging software, that is if you intend to produce your beats yourself, it is very simple and easy to use the program, it has a lot of free training on YouTube that will help you get started. Personally what I do is I sometimes use the FL studio to collect my voice using the inbuilt tool “Edison” but sometimes I use the Stemberg Nuendo 4 for this purpose. so all I need to do is to collect my voice through the microphone and the soundcard.


Comment below if you need a help to show you how you can connect your Focusrite sound card to your Nuendo or to rewire it, whatever, so I will follow it up for you.



Connecting all Device Mini Music Studio Set up for music jobs online


So now let’s look into how I made my connections, for the connection you can see them in the diagram above, the Focusrite solo studio Park USB cable is connected to the USB port of port of the computer, this USB will power will power the sound card and also take sound to the system and take back to the sound card for monitoring.  so it’s just a direct connection from the back of the sound card to the USB port of the PC.


The headphone that came with the Focusrite studio pack is the one I have connected to the jack slot on the sound card, there are two jak slots on the front interface of the sound card, I used the one made for the headphone, if you look carefully the other jack slot is for guitar or any instrument you may be playing.


The microphone slot you can see in the diagram, the mic cable is connected to the mic cable cannon port and the other end of the cable to the microphone, this is very simple, easy and direct.


The monitoring speakers, at the back of the sound card there are two AV ports, this AV wires as you can see in diagram one you connect to the left speaker and one to the right speaker, that way you can monitor your sound that you are producing or taking into the software.


so that is all the connection you need very simple and easy to give you an effective workflow and job delivery, this is how I used to run this business from home from this same workstation run graphics jobs, my own business and all my online business from this workstation. Now you have seen what is required to start a music job from home. soon leave a comment below and tell me what you have and how you intend to start your business with it, I would like to leave another point here, you must not have the monitor speakers to start this job from home if you just have your PC and your Focusrite solo studio pack, you can record with device to the PC and monitor your sound with the headphone that came with it. Simple as that!


What is always better is to have the monitoring speakers because you can hear it outside your ear and feel how it sounds, that way you can improve on quality and know if you need to improve on quality.



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