$500 per week music jobs from home

music jobs from home

Hey yo, it’s your boy SSB Otaru from SSBOtaru.com with music jobs from home, yeah we’re gonna get to another post, in this article, I am going to show you how I bank five hundred dollars a week to my credit card, yes you got me right? $500 to my credit card, don’t get it twisted, I work less than 12 hours a week and Bank more than $500 from  music jobs from home.



This $500 a week music jobs from home is simple, in this post you will learn:

  • how you can start making money straight today from home,
  • I’m also going to show you where (websites) you can do the same thing to make more than 500 dollars a week,
  • I’m also going to show you what you are going to need to work as a freelance, musician, and producer straight from your sitting room.


Read this post to the bottom, I’m going to give away a bonus information. in this system you’re going to earn if you work as a musician, you also going to earn as well if you work as a producer, but as an artist, if you can’t make a beat? you will need a place to get some beats you can use to make this process a success. so if you read to the bottom of this post I’m going to show you websites you can get royalty free music to work on and keep making money again and again.


earning in august, music jobs from home


at the time of writing this post, is just the first week of the month of August and you can see a screenshot of how much I’ve made so far using this method, this month is fresh and I’m going to make more money than what you’ve seen on your screen so I’m putting the average weekly earnings for this system to $500 music job from home because its visible on this  strategy.




1. How much can you make with music jobs from home in a week?

An average between $500 to $1,000 a week is possible with this system, but you need to set up a professional looking profile.to get this going!


2. Where can you start making money today at ease?

if you google this topic “music jobs from home” you will see a lot of suggestion made by Google in the search results? I’ve taken my time to filter out what works for me and I will share it with you right away!

a. MusicFreelancer

Musicfreelancer is a freelance website for industry practitioners and professionals, on this website you can work as a freelance musician or a producer.  This platform allows people to hire freelance artist or producers for part-time jobs or for a single time contract, the client post a job they want to be don, stating how much they are willing to pay for a certain job, freelancers then are allow to submit proposals and bid for the job, it gives a great flexibility to the clients and freelancers. another good thing about this website is, an artist can get a record deal or seasonal contract from record labels. This is no doubt one of the best place for music jobs from home. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.


b. Freelancer

This website allow you to sell any skills which do include production skills and also your music skills, their platform is similar to that of musicfreelancer, except that it is not dedicated to music and industry practitioners alone, they allow all other professionals like writers, designers, programmers, virtual assistants et cetera et cetara to also sell their skills.  so you also make earning there. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.


c. Upwork

Upwork is also similar to the two sites above, however you need to hop in there, create an account and wait when you get approved? then you start bidding for music job or in the category, you have registered for. SIGN UP HERE FOR UPWORK


d. Fiverr

guess what?  the big music icon Wyclef Jean is also on Fiverr on a pro, working as a freelancer, if a big icon like Wyclef Jean is on Fiverr, then what about you? what are you waiting? hop into the platform, create an account, verify the account, create a gig and today you can start making money immediately. I’ll be making a separate post to show you how you can create and set up a gig on Fiverr. SIGN UP HERE ON FIVERR




3. What do you need to start this stream of income 

You need first your skills and you need a PC. so in a separate post I’m going to show you the device and equipment I used in a mini studio to be able to deliver this service from home, but in summary you will be needing a PC as a laptop or a desktop computer, you will be needing a sound card, a microphone that you can talk into your system to record,  you also need a small monitoring speaker.  like I said in a separate post I will do comprehensive detail about this and I’ll leave a link in the description below. I’ll show you the exact equipment I personally use to accomplish these music jobs from home.



As a producer if there isn’t this logic to generate income so you may not only have improved if you can sing and they are words according to what your client may demand, when that is, that cannot produce you will need some sounds to lay your voice over, so not to worry, all you need to do is to head on to the website called bensounds, on this platform you get a relative free music that you can use for a non-commercial use, but you can still use this on what your client will demand. if you go to this website you will find a different type of music genre that you can download and use for free.


having said that, I also have another added bonus information for you, so if you create an account with any of the listed websites above earlier, you will need to fill in your profile and to fill in the skills you have you also need to fill in what area or category of service you are targeting. so if you fill with Upwork,  freelancer or musicfreelance platforms, you will need to start bidding for jobs that you think you can do.

music jobs from home

but if you create a Fiverr account, which is relatively easier than the other three, so you create a gig fill in the gig description, make sure you look at other competitors in the same category, learn from them. again don’t copy or spam because Fiverr is going to come after you and take down your gig. After setting up your gig on this platform clients who need your service will start coming to contact you for a service. There is one thing you can do to speed up income and start getting money immediately, you need to persuade a friend relative or an online friend to buy from you and leave you a five-star review. once you do that?, jobs will start rolling in and I tell you-you can earn fairly anything above $500 per week just by working less than 13 hours a week with this strategy. That is it for music jobs from home. Click the link below for comprehensive details of what you will need to start this business from home.



Mini Music Studio Set Up



thank you for reading this post, the next page above is to another post, what you are going to be needing to start this business online. You need very little studio equipment

if you have any comment or any question or any issue you want me to address please leave a comment I will respond to all comment and I will try to see if I can answer your need or make any post on any topic you want me to write about.

thank you for reading see the next post.

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