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As an experienced book cover maker,  I create an eye-catching graphic layout for your cover project and map out a marketing strategy,  that allows you to scale up,  getting you more leads within the next season.


Bad services and poor customer support could linger on in our minds, and this could change how we perceive a promise of good service and round the clock customer support?

So, “WHAT?”

What if you don’t have to part with a penny?

What if you have the freedom to pay only when your satisfaction is met?


“Is this for real”?

YES!  this is very real,  I offer you a chance to work with me on your graphic design projects,  without any upfront payment commitment,  this way you do not have to fear if your satisfaction will ever be met or even worry about getting a refund when you do not like the work deliver to you.

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I will professionally make you a book or album cover, without making an upfront payment,  I will also allow you to make an unlimited modifications request for free, you will only pay when you are sure I got the design to the level you feel completely satisfied.  I certainly guarantee you a professional looking cover, instead of using some random online book cover maker,  that gives you a boring looking cover. You have the flexibility of interacting with your graphic artist as opposed to using a robotic designer.



You have got an intellectual property that can truly benefit the world but can’t do anyone good if they haven’t even heard of you.With over 10 years of experience in cover design and marketing,  I have the right skills and idea that guarantees to attract customers.

Are you convinced to give me a try? Here are some few areas I can help>>

Book Cover

You will tell me your ideas of how you will want your final cover look,  you do not have a concept?  Just tell me what your book is about,  tell me if it’s going to be released as an e-book or paperback or even both.

I start for free,  and when I reach your satisfaction,  I will deliver: eBook coversa print-ready paperback cover (PDF),  A 3D Mockup, editable source file (PSD), A promotional banner,  and animated square .gif for Facebook marketing.

$199 at completion.

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Mixtape & Album cover


Recording high-quality music, ready to launch like a pro?  This package is for you,  all new singles,  mixtape and album release need a great cover to be able to stand out,  you also need a cover that meets the requirements of some of the distributing companies to be able to pass for iTunes, and this is where my experience come in.

Tell me about your concept,  I start for free, and when you are satisfied with your final cover,  I will then deliver an iTunes standard cover size, a front and back printable file,  a 3D mockup,  editable source file (PSD) and a square animated .gif for dp’s and marketing.

$119.99 at completion.

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 Marketing Strategy

Ready to get more leads?  After publishing and distributing high-quality content, you need marketing to get some continuous hit that converts.

Sounds like its time to know what is in it for you.  I will work out a particular reach out strategy, so you can put your work at the front of fans who needs them.

Get a consulting session, advertise and for traffic explosion.

Cost is negotiable.

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