Meet Me

I am a graphic designer, an online entrepreneur and online marketing strategist.

But my core strength is:

“I design a killer cover art and marketing methods that gets more leads”

And what I really really like doing as a Graphic designer is,

“I derive pleasure sharing my idea and skill to help tell the world about your business!”

SSBOtaru the graphic designer



Precisely, I am a graphic designer and a digital marketer. You have got a book, songs or something valuable to sell, and I have got the creative skills and technical ability to get the traffic out for you.

I am very sure you have some great things you will want to share with the world, but the reality is no one is going to notice you if you don’t package well and implement the right marketing strategy.

And that is where I step in,  with over 16 years of making designs, 9 years + of making book and album cover design and a decade of online marketing, I have all these experiences to bring your product to your customers, thereby helping you succeed with your brand. Learn More

My Story

Over the years, I have worked for many North American and European book publishing companies, I have also worked for indie authors, during these period, I contributed meaningfully from designing to marketing success of their products.


Nine years ago,  I dived into freelance book and album cover designing, where I used my skills and marketing system to achieve tremendous success,  a year later I started my first own company,  I never looked back ever since.

I have come a long way since my first business venture, and I have learned so much in the process.  I now own and run two Companies online and both doing fairly well.


In the process of building these companies,  the one basic thing I have learned is:  there is  SO MUCH to learn,  from having an idea,  to branding this idea,  building a website for your brand, running  ads,  culturing consistency and getting your first customer… The list is endless, every time I thought “I have it all done” I will discover there was still something new to learn.


To grow a business one have to adapt to New changes, these changes revolve over time,  I still learn new ways every day so I could scale up my business, but I have come a long way. 8 years on this path, I have definitely picked up lots of experiences.  It excite me to share with you what I have learned and save you a whole lots of stress and time.

Hoping, that sharing my digital design and marketing skills with you, will allow you ample time to enjoy living, rather than getting frustrated by the snail speed growth of your businesses.

Having more benefit of profit as well.