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How to publish a book for free step by step guide

How to publish a book for free step by step guide

A few months ago I made a couple posts about the basics of writing a book and ever since then I’ve been getting a whole lot of questions about exactly How to publish a book for free, people have been asking me for a step-by-step tutorial on exactly what you should do to get your […]

5 eBook cover design tips and steps

Making Your Own eBook Cover in 5 Easy eBook cover design tips   Having a perfect eBook cover can be very tricky or confusing, for a lot of aspiring authors finding a capable designer can be very frustrating, in some cases you may even find where to make your eBook cover? And end up not having […]

Demystifying the Basics of Writing A Book For Beginners

the Basics of Writing A Book For Beginners

If you have always loved reading books and are a self-proclaimed bibliophile, then you might have even hid the optimisms of becoming a writer one day. It is a matter of immense joy to have your own book launch, even if it is in your city or state, and you are getting appreciation from near […]

Book Sales Promotion Strategies

Book Sales Promotion Strategies ssbotaru_com

A longstanding saying that, the second hardest thing about composing a book is getting it on the book shop rack. The hardest thing is getting it off the book shop rack. Here is your book sales promotion strategies to get the most numbers of your book, fiction or true to life, sold in the briefest […]

Quick Book cover design tips

This quick journal is a Book cover design tips I have put together from my years of experience as a book cover designer. Working with authors across the planet, I was able to understand some basics that can help your book stand out among others. so lets jump right in!   As vital as it […]

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