Demystifying the Basics of Writing A Book For Beginners

the Basics of Writing A Book For Beginners

If you have always loved reading books and are a self-proclaimed bibliophile, then you might have even hid the optimisms of becoming a writer one day. It is a matter of immense joy to have your own book launch, even if it is in your city or state, and you are getting appreciation from near and far for it. Learn the basics of writing a book to see it launch soon.


Discovering the love for writing

Many of us often yearn to become a celebrity author who gets star-studded book launch parties and has the best in the business showering praises. This is something of a dream that many just carry on until their death without knowing the self-worth and talent remaining totally unexplored. Nothing can be more distressing than not realizing your true potential and let it go unnoticed till it is too late.

However, when it comes to writing a book, one has to follow a few essential steps and then take it forward from there. We shall be discussing in length on various steps that shall take you forward towards writing a book and discovering your truest potential.





The Basics of Writing a Book

1. Getting Ideas for writing

It is easy to scribble and write a Haiku or two. However, if you are looking forward to publishing a full-length book, certainly you will need a lot more than a poem or two. If you have decided to write a book of poems, then all the best to you. However, if you are wondering on the basics of writing a book, and are not sure about the theme, then it is time you spend some time brainstorming for ideas. Do you wish to write a motivational book because you feel you have a lot to say in this regard? Do you wish to write a book on your ethnicity and culture? Do you wish to write a fictional take on a historical event? Do you know anything about any subject in detail? If yes, then try jotting down points on a diary and just analyze on the depth to which you can go in writing. Then you can have that and start. It is a great exercise to start writing and certainly, it shall help you in a great deal too.

2. Know the genre that you wish to write

This point has full potential of being the first point here because once you are sure of the genre that you wish to write on, ideas will flow in. Start the basics of writing a book by asking questions to yourself in the form of a questionnaire. Start by finding what you would love writing. Do you see yourself writing a fiction or a non-fiction? Do you see yourself writing a book on history, facts, or do you think you are great as narrators or storytellers? If you love reading any specific genre then you might aim to write one in it too. Take this as a clue and move ahead.


Basics of Writing A Book For Beginners

3. Read books from your chosen genre 

Most often, our drive to become an author springs up from our reverence for our favorite author and his or her books. That is why reading more of the authors in your chosen genre can help. If you are planning to write a sci-fi, reading books by Michael Crichton would be great, and if you are aiming to write books on travel, reading books by legendary travelogues is what shall help in taking your book writing ahead.



4. Summarize and take notes of the reads

It is not enough to go for the reading of books alone. If you have not learnt or picked anything from the books, then you will not be able to go and write the books too. After reading, do a critical appreciation of the book, and focus on the ways the story or book has progressed. Note the tone used, and the style of writing. Is it personal or impersonal, yet leaves an impact? What kind of readers would you love to read this book? Is the language simple or does it go heavily on linguistics? Such pointers would be necessary while you try writing your own book.


Demystifying the Basics of Writing A Book For Beginners


5. Have a goal and follow a routine

Now that you have accumulated fair bits of idea on how to start, the second phase is to remain on focus. The only way to continue with the train of thoughts is by writing regularly. Even if you are writing very less every day, still make it a point to write. Some authors claim to just silently go and write after work or before sleeping every night and without fail. This is necessary and it keeps your creative juices flowing. However, do not be critical at this juncture.



6. Set goals and aim for it

Some set daily goals of finishing 5000 words and some for 3000 words. What matters is whether you are working towards it or not daily. Set deadlines for every week and if you have any programs in between that might not allow you time to write then compensate by writing more in the weeks preceding it. In short, never be too lackadaisical with the deadline.



7. Don’t lose the steam

A bad day at work or personal life may spoil your mood. However, that should not let you swerve from your writing for the day, and this is one of the other vital basics of writing a book. Let your writing a book be a special or a sacred altar where you pour out the story and let nothing deter you. Most of the books remain incomplete because many authors lose energy and motivation or encounter the famous Writer’s block.



8. The final steps

Editing the book is as essential at this phase as is getting feedback from everyone. You must not compromise on either of these. Getting feedback from a knowledgeable and an impartial judge is going to help you.

These top steps are the basics of writing a book and publishing the book that you want to. Do make sure to contact a trusted publisher and do not delay in publishing and promoting the book of your dreams.


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