Publish a book online for free, Not You?

Many time, young authors are paused, when they wonder: how to publish a book online for free and get paid for it? This can erode their writing enthusiasm because a good number of them never found answers to these questions.

It is a natural human characteristic to ask “what is in it for me “everyone wants to be rewarded for their hard work, or at least get acknowledgment for their piece of creativity. Now that you are reading this publication, you will not have to look further,  I will provide you valuable information that can help you self- publish a book online for free and earn money from it, on my blog I shall also invite stakeholders, established authors to share their experiences with you.

how to publish a book online for free and get paid for it

Are you publishing and not making the right number of sales?

You have found out: how to publish a book online for free and get paid for it, and you are doing it, but you don’t seem to be reaching the right number of audience that you deserve.

Taking Amazon Kindle for example; more than 50% of books sold on Kindle are from the traffic Amazon got to it, these sales will be shared among the top selling books and those with good reviews. So, for your book to get a good share of sales happening on Kindle, there are some key points to note and follow;

Good book cover layout:

Publish a book online for free will require little investment on cover. “A good book cover can help sell a book- a bad book cover can kill a book” so said a book publicist Scott Lorenz.

So you will need to understand what makes a book cover stand out on a book shelve or as a thumbnail in an online bookshop like kindle. You can alternatively hire the service of an experienced book cover maker to help you achieve this goal.

how to publish a book online for free and get paid for it

Good titles

“books require titles; but reading them doesn’t” a famous quote by Alan More the author of Lost Girls, having a tantalizing book cover does the first attention-grabbing while a good catchy book title can compel a page visitor to click for more details. Alberto Manguel of The library at night said; Old books that we have known but not possessed cross our path and invite themselves over, new books try to seduce us daily with tempting titles and tantalizing covers.

Buyer’s reviews:

Your captivating book cover got the attention, the tempting book title attracted a click to view, and most potential buyers will scroll down to read what the people that have read your book are saying about the said book before even reading the book description. Getting a customer to drop a feedback on the review section of the selling page is really a big task, especially when the book is not coming from a famous author, in some cases, it gets even more difficult when the book is new on the eBook vendor. However there is a way around this, these tips and tricks I will be sharing with you on this blog, I will also bring notable authors to share their experience on how they were able to scale through this important element of marketing their books.

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